New BTS Jungkook Funny Memes Of 2022

BTS Jungkook Funny Memes 2022

BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeondan has a huge fan base across the world. This Korean pop music band consists of seven team members. This K-POP music band has named their fan base as BTS Army. This BTS Army runs several fanpages and meme accounts. Among these memes, Jungkook memes have seperate fanbase due to his varied face expressions. In this post, we have provided the new BTS Jungkook Funny memes of the year 2022. These Jungkook memes are very funny and witty.

BTS Jungkook Funny Memes For Students

Here are the new BTS Jungkook memes for students that are quite funny and witty. You will surely connect with most of these clean funny memes with your real life experiences.

Jungkook’s Funny School Meme – Comparing To Siblings

When a kid’s sister is going for a picnic but the kid is forced to go to the school, then he will surely cry out. This Jungkook’s funny meme will surely connect to most of the readers.

BTS School Memes For Students - Jungkook Funny Kid Meme
BTS Funny Memes 2022 – Jungkook School Memes For Students

BTS Jungkook’s Funny Meme Regarding Student Behavior

Every student will act obediently before his/her teacher. But the same student doesn’t need to act before his/her friends. This meme represents how the behavior of a school student changes before his teacher and friends.

Good Memes 2022 - BTS Jungkook Funny School Meme
BTS Jungkook Funny Memes -:2022 Memes

Jungkook’s Reaction Meme As A Student Regarding Homework

This reaction meme of Jungkook reminds us of our school days. If you couldn’t remember any, then you are a brilliant student and good at completing your homework.

Funny Memes 2022 - BTS Jungkook School Kid Memes
BTS Jungkook Funny School Memes For Students

Jungkook’s Funny Face Meme About Student’s Behavior At Different Places

Students behave differently at different locations. A student behaves mischievously when boarded at a hostel. He enjoys to the fullest with his friends and explores new things without any hesitation. This Jungkook’s funny face meme highlights the behavior of a student.

Good College Memes - BTS Funny Hostel Meme
Jungkook Funny Student Meme 2022

This funny meme might relate strongly to a few members who had the phobia of going to school. Kids try their best to avoid the school, but it doesn’t change their parents’ mindset.

Best Funny School Memes - BTS School Memes For Students
BTS Jungkook Funny Memes – School Kid Memes 2022

Most of us might have experienced atleast one of the above situation during our school days. If you have experienced all of these situations, then you will be having loads of school memories.

BTS Jungkook Funny Memes Related To Love

Love is a memorable feeling. But at the same time, everyone experiences some glitches in their relationship. Some might have bad experiences with their lovers. These memes will connect to the people who had bad experiences in their love stories.

Woman Yelling At Her Lover Meme

This meme is a crossover from the famous “Woman Yelling At Cat” meme. This meme can be perceived in two ways, one being a clean meme and other being a dirty meme.

Love Memes - Woman Yelling At BTS Jungkook Meme
Love Memes – Woman Yelling At BTS Jungkook Meme

Once the relationship between the lovers is broken, they start complaining about silly matters. Here the woman is yelling at her lover and is even complaining about the food. The dirty meme revolves around the egg.

Shy Jungkook Staring At His Girlfriend

If a guy is shy, he feels it difficult to stare or watch his girlfriend.

Love Memes 2022 - BTS Jungkook Staring Lover Meme
Love Memes – BTS Jungkook Staring At Lover Meme

Waiting For Ages

Many lovers can easily connect to this meme. Waiting for their lover is usually common in most of the love stories.

Love Memes 2022 - BTS Jungkook Waiting For Lover Meme
Love Memes – Jungkook Waiting For Ages

BTS Jungkook Funny Meme Regarding Age Gap Love

If a woman is older than her boyfriend, then she has to guide him in many aspects.

Love Memes 2022 - BAD TEACHER Meme
Love Memes 2022 – BTS Jungkook Meme For Lovers

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