Pinke Information Related To Color, Crypto Currency, Song And Names

Have you ever wondered what does Pinke mean? Is it an alternative name given to Pink color? Or is it related to Cryptocurrency? After a quite research, we are providing all the information related to Pinke in this article.

The term Pinke relates to either of these four topics.

  1. Color – Pinke Color
  2. Cryptocurrency – PINKE Coins
  3. Musical Video Song – Pinke Pinke Song
  4. Surnames – Pinke Family Names

(1) Pinke Information Related To Color

  • The present color Still De Grain Yellow was once called as Pinke in many European countries.
  • The color (or colors) which contains Rhamnetin as a primary chemical component was formerly known as Pink or Pinke.
  • Pinke color contains yellowish pigment that is derived by mixing blue colors to yield greenish colors.
  • Until 18th century, Pinke term was widely in use. But later in mid 18th century, Pinke Color name was replaced with “Still De Grain Yellow” and “Yellow Madder”.
  • This Pinke color was widely used in England and France countries.
  • Many buildings that were constructed during 18th century in European countries were coated with Pinke color.

Pinke Color or Still De Grain Yellow Coordinates Information

  • The hexadecimal color code for Pinke or Still De Grain Yellow color is #fada5e.
  • The (h, s, v) values regarding HSV Coordinates is (48°, 62%, 98%).
  • The (r, g, b) values regarding sRGB Color Coordinates is (250, 218, 94).

The back ground color of the featured image on this page is Pinke Color or Still De Grain Yellow.

(2) Pinke Information Related To PINKE Cryptocurrency

  • PINKE or PinkE is a cryptocurrency coin whose name is inspired from Elon Musk.
  • PINKE stands for PinkElon. It is widely written and identified with different names like PINKE, PinkElon, Pinke coins and PinkE coins.
  • Pinke coins are actively traded on PinkSwap exchange.
  • According to coingecko, the Market Cap Rank of Pinke coins is 3071.
  • As Pinke is a new age cryptocurrency and less hyped, it’s value is very low.
  • PINKE coins accounts for a total supply of 1 Quadrillion and the circulating supply is 820 trillion.
  • PINKE recorded an all-time high of $0.000000002799 on May 07, 2021.
  • As of October 09, 2021 the total Market Cap of PINKE stands at $0.138084 only.

(3) Pinke Pinke Song

  • Pinke Pinke song is the all-time best single from Flowin IMMO.
  • This song is available on iTunes and Amazon.
  • It is one of the famous songs in Germany.
  • The lyrics were written by Flowin IMMO.
  • While all the instruments were played and recorded by Flowin IMMO, the Scratches were provided by DJ Robert Smith.
  • This Pinke Pinke musical video was produced by website owners.

(4) Pinke Family Surname

Pinke is a surname of some families living in the United States, England and Canada. The roots of the Pinke families can be traced back to England and Ireland. While some families still use Pinke as their surname, some families have changed their surname from Pinke to Pink and Pinks.

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