SMH Meaning – What Does SMH Mean In Texting?

SMH Meaning - What does SMH stand for

If we look at the comment’s section, online forums and messages in chatting applications, we encounter some weird words and acronyms. One such word which is very popular among netizens is SMH. So, what does SMH mean in texting? Along with SMH meaning, examples and history, you will be able to get the maximum information related to SMH in this article.

(1) What Is SMH? Is It A Word Or An Acronym?

SMH is an initialism. Initialisms are a type of acronyms that are formed by picking up the first letter (initials) of each word. Generally, these initialisms are pronounced by saying each letter clearly.

(2)SMH meaning in texting, chatting and messaging

SMH is a popular initialism which is widely used by netizens during texting or chatting in web applications like WhatsApp, Twitter, ShareChat, Instagram, Tiktok etc.

Regarding texting, chatting and messaging, SMH stands for Shaking My Head (or) Shake My Head.

(3) SMH meaning in texting?

SMH in texting is used to convey disappointment, disbelief, disgust, shock or disagreement that we experience over an issue, incident or a topic. It can even be used to convey frustration and impatience.

In real life, we express these feelings by shaking our heads. So a person who wishes to covey these feelings in text format can just type SMH in the chats or messages.

(4) How to use SMH?

In chatting, SMH can be used in three different formats. It can be represented through a plain text or an emoji or a GIF.

(i) SMH Plain Texting

  • In plain texting, Shaking My Head can be typed as SMH or smh.
  • SMH can be used alone or can be accompanied with other words.
  • SMH can be placed at the start, middle or end of the sentence.

(ii) SMH Emojis 🤦🤦‍♂️

Due to advanced keyboard options, we can now easily insert emojis during chatting. Now every chatting or messaging app has either an integrated or inbuilt full functionality keyboard.

Steps to insert SMH Emoji in a message

  1. To insert SMH emojis in our chat, first we have to select the emojis icon on our keyboard.
  2. On selection, this will display multiple tabs that contain emojis and gif images.
  3. The default tab displays emojis only.
  4. If you are not able to figure out exact SMH emoji, just type SMH in the search box. Based on your mobile keyboard integration and application updates, it will display all the available emojis that are related to SMH or Shaking My Head.
  5. Select the emoji which suits to your requirement.
  6. Please note that Facepalm emoji 🤦 is used as SMH emoji. The emoji shows a person pressing his hand against the head.
How to use SMH GIFs and SMH emoji in texting
How to use SMH GIFs and SMH emoji in texting?

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